Last updated on June 10, 2016

Compliance and Risk Management System

J. Front Retailing has a Compliance and Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by President and consists of a legal advisor, the Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members named by the chairman, and others, while adopting a whistleblowing system called JFR Group Compliance Hotline, which provides external contact (a legal advisor) as well as internal one for whistleblowing and is accessible to anyone working for the Group companies. Through these efforts, we strive to resolve compliance-related issues.
Persons in charge in each business site provide on-site guidance and inspection to check the firm implementation of compliance policies and rules. In case an accident should happen, it will be reported immediately to the Compliance and Risk Management Committee and remedial actions will be taken under the leadership of the Committee.

*Each company in the Group has persons in charge of Compliance and Risk Management Promotion to identify and resolve its unique issues in cooperation with JFR’s persons in charge of the same.

Compliance and Risk Management Manual

The basic framework of the compliance system is based on a binary structure consisting of “voluntary compliance with laws and regulations, corporate ethics and others in conducting business in all companies and divisions in the Group” and “guidance, supervision and strict audit by compliance divisions, operational audit divisions and others.”
And we have developed JFR Group Compliance and Risk Management Manual to be followed by all executives and employees of J. Front Retailing Group, which clarifies the systems, the principles of action and the code of conduct to implement compliance management.
The principles of action consist of four perspectives and specify the code of conduct in each of these perspectives. Each employee carries a Compliance Self-check List to self-check his/her daily behavior and the List is displayed on a poster at each company to promote daily compliance behavior.

Four perspectives of compliance principles of action and code of conduct

1. Always put customers first

We will always put the realization of customer satisfaction first and gain trust and support from customers through faithful actions in compliance with laws and regulations, the Company’s regulations and other rules such as the fulfillment of promises with customers, the development and provision of socially useful and safe products and services and the ensuring of fair labeling.

2. Promote high quality management for sound growth and development

With the aim of becoming an open corporation that communicates with society at large, we will promote high quality management for sound growth and development by conducting fair, transparent and proper corporate activities, while maintaining fair relations with business partners whereby both grow together.

3. Create a fair and vibrant organization where individuality and ability are respected

With respect for each individual’s basic human rights, we will form a vibrant organization where workers can be motivated to use their ability by creating a safe and secure work environment in compliance with labor-related laws and treating them based on a fair and equal evaluation.

4. Contribute to society (good corporate citizen living in harmony with society)

As a good corporate citizen living in harmony with society, we will actively conduct creative business activities that contribute to society at large including the contributions to communities and environmental initiatives to achieve sustainable growth.