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Human Rights

Last updated on October 24, 2014

Basic Concepts

Human rights are basic rights that belong to all human beings. They are the rights to live happily the way he/she wants to, with which everyone is born. We all live connected with people around us. While on the job, we connect directly or indirectly with many people including coworkers, business partners, customers, shareholders and local residents. It is important to properly understand and consider that all people involved with us have human rights and that human rights are closely linked to our daily lives and jobs.

  1. “We will correctly recognize and understand human rights issues and create a work climate that is free from discrimination and prejudice and a lively, bright and comfortable work environment.”
  2. “It is important for each employee to be keenly aware of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and increase understanding and awareness of every human rights issue on the basis of ‘not discriminating and not permitting discrimination.’”
  3. “We will treat human rights issues as our own and act accordingly.”

We believe that respect for human rights in the workplace will help create a desirable work environment and better motivate each employee to work, which will lead to higher productivity, the creation of new values and the offering of better products and services.   In order to fulfill social responsibility and contribute to society through corporate activities, it is essential that each employee work with a solid human rights perspective.

Promotion of Human Rights Education

We provide human rights education and strive to raise employees’ awareness of human rights from the perspective that each employee should correctly recognize and understand human rights issues and that we should further promote the creation of corporate culture and corporate social responsibility based on respect for human rights.

Major activities: Establishment of the Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee
Composition Chairmen (General Manager of Human Resources Division and General Manager of Administration Division), promotion commissioners (division managers), promotion staff (members) and secretariat
Theme of activities ① Dowa issues (Japan’s historical caste-based discrimination issues) ⇒ Correct understanding of dowa issues
② Disability issues ⇒ Correct recognition and understanding of disabilities
③ Women’s issues ⇒ Understanding and prevention of sexual harassment, etc.
④ Other human rights issues ⇒ Protection of the confidentiality of personal information and others
Contents of activities ① Participation in training ⇒ Training at the time of joining the company, in-house human rights seminars and others
② Participation in outside training ⇒ Various seminars organized by governments
③ Hands-on activities ⇒ Distribution of various educational materials and notices of seminars

Harassment Prevention

There are some cases where various stresses cause mental illness and harassment to others against the backdrop of recent drastic changes in the environment surrounding companies. In particular, harassment will worsen a work environment, which will result in lower productivity, an increase in mental illness and the loss of human resources. These days when CSR and compliance including corporate duty of care for safety are subject to scrutiny, we recognize that harassment is a great risk factor that may not only greatly damage victims physically and mentally but also lead to the loss of corporate social credibility depending on how to handle it once it occurs.

Therefore, the department store chain and other companies of the Group are establishing systems to prevent all harassment including power harassment as well as sexual harassment, take prompt action at the time of occurrence, and prevent a recurrence by setting up the Harassment Prevention Committee and the Harassment Consultation Desk.

Harassment Prevention Committee Harassment Consultation Desk
◇Head office and stores
◇Promotion of measures and awareness to prevent the occurrence of all types of harassment
◇Amicable settlement of actual harassment
◇Examination of recurrence prevention measures
◇PR activities
◇Head office and stores (each division)
◇First consultation service handling complaints about all types of harassment
◇Confirmation of facts and collection of information
◇Awareness-raising activities

〈Standard flow chart for handling harassment〉

Standard flow chart for handling harassment
Questionnaires to Prevent Harassment

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores continues to conduct questionnaire surveys to find out the actual situation of harassment and prevent it. For fiscal 2013, we carried out the survey in April and approximately 90% of all employees responded to it. This survey showed that harassment has decreased compared to the previous survey. We will prevent harassment and take prompt action on it by promoting an understanding of it and providing awareness-raising information.