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Consumer Issues

Last updated on December 12, 2016

Basic Concepts

We should not disadvantage consumers by using ambiguous and false advertising and should not endanger consumers by offering products that are defective in safety. It is also important to prevent the use of our products and services by consumers from causing adverse impact on society including environmental damage.
J. Front Retailing believes that both companies that offer products and consumers who use them need to perform consumption activities so as not to adversely affect society.
There remain many consumer-related issues, for some of which laws including the Product Liability Act are in place, and new issues occur with changes in society. Thus the social awareness of consumer issues is increasing. In these circumstances, we focus on voluntary and active efforts including the securing of food safety, the protection of personal information and the creation of consumer contact points. Meanwhile, department stores strive to create safe and secure stores and environment and actively promote the efforts to offer useful services to consumers.

Offering of Useful Services

Regular online survey and mystery shopper survey to know customers better

The Management Planning Division of the Head Office of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores asks Daimaru Matsuzakaya My Mail members to answer online questionnaires as monitors once a year and the results are used to analyze customer opinions and complaints concerning its stores.
From these online monitor surveys we can find out by age group their evaluation of the atmosphere, product selection and events at our stores and the products consumers expect department stores to offer, including seasonal items. These findings help us develop the ideal merchandise mix and retail space that consumers expect from department stores.
Sales Planning Division of the Head Office conducts mystery shopper surveys on a regular basis to measure the level of customer services provided by sales people so that they can always deliver department store worthy services.

Thorough Quality Control

Offering of products and services trusted by customers

Companies help consumers live rich lives by offering products and services. However, some corporate behaviors may greatly affect consumers. J. Front Retailing Group makes its companies use Consumer Product End-Use Research Institute, which specializes in quality control, to maintain and improve their quality control so that both companies as providers and consumers as demanders can conduct sales or consumption activities without anxiety and enhance the quality of their lives.

“Food” quality control

In order to ensure food safety, department store and other food-related companies conduct appropriate management in accordance with management rules concerning food labeling and expiration dates, while periodically checking the status of food control in cooperation with Consumer Product End-Use Research Institute. The Group has in place a system that enables prompt action to be taken in cooperation with compliance promotion staff of each company when a serious food-related accident occurs.

Protection of Personal Information

In order to ensure the protection of customers’ personal information, with basic policies and the codes of conduct relating to the protection and management of personal information in place, all the companies of the Group educate employees and check the management status systematically. JFR Card Co., Ltd. and JFR Information Center Co., Ltd., both of which handle all the customer information data of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya, have acquired the Privacy Mark certification to protect customers’ personal information.

Customer Consultation Service

Consultation corner for consumers

At the consultation corners for consumers of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores, consultants certified as advisory specialists for consumers’ affairs accept comments from customers regarding product quality. Comments from customers are sent to Consumer Product End-Use Research Institute online for scientific quality inspection. Consultants inform customers of the results. These test results are also provided to relevant stores and manufacturers to prevent recurrence and improve quality.
At each store, customer consultation staff is regularly stationed to provide customers with consultation. With regard to inquiries about quality, we conduct inspections with the cooperation of Consumer Product End-Use Research Institute and ensure that the results are reported to customers.

Creation of Safe and Secure Stores

Conducting emergency drills on a regular basis and adopting an earthquake early warning system in preparation for earthquakes and fires.

In Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores, we organize self-defense firefighting teams and regularly carry out drills with the participation of all store staff so that we can promptly notify of and extinguish a fire and guide customers to safety. When an earthquake measuring 5-lower or more on the Japanese intensity scale occurs, we receive the earthquake early warning alert, which is automatically announced over the in-store PA system in real time (※).We repeatedly conduct emergency evacuation drills based on our emergency action manual to ensure that we can take the most appropriate action reflexively in case of emergency.
When the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011, our store staff in the Tokyo metropolitan area could quickly and safely evacuate customers based on these drills. Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores has installed AED (automatic external defibrillator) units in all its stores and continuously train employees to improve life saving measures in an emergency.
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※ This system is already in place in Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Umeda, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Sapporo, Suma, Hakata Daimaru Tenjin and Kochi Daimaru stores and all Matsuzakaya stores. We plan to install it in all other stores.

At the disaster prevention center of Daimaru Tokyo store, we centralize control through various monitors to confirm the safety of the whole building.

Training to actually spray a fire extinguisher on the roof (Matsuzakaya Nagoya store)

Training in case of receiving the earthquake early warning (Employees acting as shoppers who keep down as instructed by store staff) (Matsuzakaya Nagoya store)

Efforts to help shoppers who have difficulty returning home in a disaster

From the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Covering the Measures for People Who Have Difficulty Returning Home will be enacted in April 2013. In line with that, Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores have organized a system in which they open part of their floor space to shoppers who have difficulty returning home as temporary evacuation space based on the ideas of self help, mutual help and public help.
Specifically, based on the estimated number of shoppers and employees who may have difficulty returning home when a great earthquake occurs, we store an equivalent quantity of hardtack and drinking water. In preparation of a shortage of these reserves, we explain to the suppliers of food products and restaurants and ask them to sign a memorandum to the effect that they agree to offer their products (before the expiration dates) on our store shelves. (※We have concluded this memorandum with approximately 400 suppliers as of March 2013.)

Creation of barrier-free stores

We always review the facilities and services of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores and make them barrier-free so that the disabled, the elderly and parents with children can shop with ease.