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Community Involvement and Development

Last updated on September 25, 2015

Basic Concepts

From the standpoint of fulfilling corporate responsibility, it is important for organizations to develop with the communities to which they belong by communicating and actively involving themselves with the communities in order to grow and develop the communities. They are expected to be involved with and contribute to communities in various forms including dialogues with community residents, the improvement of education and culture in the regions to which organizations belong and the creation of employment resulting from the development of organizations. Since this subject includes few matters regulated by laws and regulations and organizations are expected to make independent efforts, organizations can show their identity in addressing this subject unlike other six ones.

J. Front Retailing will strive to contribute to community revitalization and various other social issues as a corporate citizen by using its assets and through its business activities. In this effort, we will select our activities by adding “contemporary and newsworthy” to four key words “customer participation,” “education and enlightenment,” “parents with children and women” and “community-based” and continue and deepen them. We will carry out realistic activities with a focus on the PET bottle cap collection campaign, the support to the Pink Ribbon Movement and the provision of hands-on AED training for more employees.