Last updated on May 16, 2018

“Let’s Collect PET Bottle Caps to Fund Vaccines for the World’s Children!”

PET bottle cap collection box

PET bottle cap collection box

Letter of appreciation for donation exceeding the vaccine equivalent of 250,000 people

From December 2009, collection boxes are placed mainly in the Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores and their employee facilities and the offices of the Group companies to collect unnecessary PET bottle caps. The collected caps are recycled through the non-profit organization “Re Lifestyle” and we donate the full amount paid for them to the authorized non-profit organization “Japan Committee Vaccines for the World’s Children” to fund vaccines for children around the world.

In addition to the donation of proceeds from the sale of PET bottle caps, we conduct various activities throughout the year to fund vaccines, including fundraising in tandem with events. Donation through the collection of caps and other activities reached the amount equivalent to polio vaccines for 260,000 people in May 2018.

(3 months)
FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
No. of PET bottle caps collected (1,000 pcs.) 1,900 10,200 14,200 16,300 15,800 17,100 17,200 15,600 13,900
Accumulated polio vaccine equivalent (10,000 people) 0.3 2.3 4.9 8.1 11.5 15.0 20.1 23.2 26.0

Pink Ribbon Campaign

Original awareness booklet

Feel-a-breast-lump event

Daimaru, Matsuzakaya, Parco and JFR Card are involved in the “Pink Ribbon Campaign,” an awareness activity to promote early diagnosis, detection and treatment of breast cancer. Mainly on “Mother’s Day” and in “Pink Ribbon Month (October),” at the Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores, we conduct educational activities including the distribution of awareness booklets and screening experience on a mammography van as well as donating proceeds from the sale of original pins to a Pink Ribbon awareness organization.

Participation in the Table for Two program

Daimaru, Matsuzakaya and Parco support the activities of the authorized non-profit organization “Table for Two International” (TFT), which helps provide school meals for children in developing countries, by donating a portion of sales at their restaurants and staff cafeterias.

Daimaru and Matsuzakaya join TFT’s “One Million People to Share TFT Meals!” campaign on October 16, “World Food Day,” every year and offer TFT meals at their restaurants and cafes. J. Font Foods develops menus in collaboration with neighboring university associations that support TFT.

“Table for Two” poster

Tasting of meals developed by chefs and TFT university association members (Daimaru Sapporo store)

Love 49 Project

We participate in the prevention and awareness activities for cervical cancer implemented by the “Love 49 Project” that designates April 9 as “Uterus Day.” We hand out newsletters in the Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores in cooperation with local cytotechnologists while selling button badges and collecting money in these stores to donate to the authorized non-profit organization known as “Orange Clover,” which is working to raise awareness of cervical cancer.
The Daimaru Suma store serves as a venue for the “Love 49 Campaign in Kobe” organized by the “‘Uterus Day’ Love 49 Hyogo Committee” and provides opportunities for various organizations to make presentations.
We also continue to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our original eco bags to support their activities every year.

Charity button badges

Awareness activity by a group of students of the Department of Medical Technology, the Faculty of Health Sciences, Kobe Tokiwa University (Daimaru Suma store)

Support for the Next Generation

Chibikko Geidai (Art college for children) (Matsuzakaya Nagoya store)

From September 2012, we hold workshops with the students of Tokyo University of the Arts to create artworks. Each workshop attracts many participants because they provide children at sensitive ages with opportunities of being exposed to art and experiencing the joy of creating something new. At each workshop, the students decide what to create, and sometimes, parents become more absorbed in these artworks than their children due to their high quality.

In January 2017, we painted pictures and put paper on paper in the motif of the Chinese zodiac animal (rooster) to make masks in the Matsuzakaya Nagoya store.
Workshops were held in: Matsuzakaya Nagoya, Matsuzakaya Toyota, Daimaru Shinsaibashi and Matsuzakaya Shizuoka stores

Spot sale of young artists’ works “art art art”

The Matsuzakaya Nagoya store exhibits and sells the paintings and 3D works of the next generation artists ranging from existing art university students to active young artists on a regular basis.

Regional Contribution Activities

Signing ceremony at Nagoya University
[Executive Store Manager of Matsuzakaya Nagoya (left) and President of Nagoya University (right)]

The Matsuzakaya Nagoya store and National University Corporation Nagoya University concluded a partnership agreement in May 2017. The purpose of this agreement is to enable mutual collaboration between Nagoya University and the Matsuzakaya Nagoya store in the fields of culture, industry, education, academics and so on with the aim of contributing to the development of the local region and human resources. Beginning with the research on the revitalization of the Sakae area using ICT, we will implement various initiatives that contribute to service innovation and the development of local appeal toward the “creation of Nagoya, a hospitable city in information services.”

Contribution to Art and Culture

J. Front Retailing Archives Foundation Inc. (the “Foundation”) co-organized an exhibition titled “Kimono, au bonheur des dames” with the Japan Foundation and the Guimet National Museum of Asian Art in France (the “Museum”) at the Museum in Paris for about three months from February 22 to May 22, 2017.

Kosode in the Edo period

120 pieces of kosode (small-sleeved kimono), obi (sash belts), wedding furniture, ukiyoe (woodblock prints), etc. selected from the collection of the Foundation and the Nagoya City Museum including more than 5,000 items were displayed abroad for the first time. The works of a renowned fashion designer influenced by kimono were exhibited to show the role of kimono in modern fashion. The Foundation maintains and manages these valuable cultural assets and organizes their public displays and exhibitions to contribute to art and culture.

Local Cleanup

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores actively participates in cleanup activities in the local areas as well as the areas around its stores and offices.

In June and October, which are designated as the Environment Months, we participate in the “Sakae Hisaya Cleanup Project” to clean the Hisaya Odori Park. (Matsuzakaya Nagoya store)

On the 2nd Thursday of each month, we participate in the “Tenjin Clean Day organized by We Love Tenjin” to clean the areas around the store and in front of the Chuo Park (Hakata Daimaru Tenjin store)

We participate in the 24-Hour Television “Nakaumi Clean Project” every year to clean the Tottori Sand Dunes. (Tottori Daimaru)

Charity Bazaars and Fundraising Activities

Ueno store Tohoku support event in Panda Hiroba

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores continues the efforts to contribute to society at large using the department store’s capabilities to draw customers and transmit information. Each store holds charity bazaars and collects money with customer participation in order to preserve the global environment and support the regions suffering from severe hunger and poverty. When great disasters occur, we collect money in our stores and offices and donate the money to disaster areas through the Japanese Red Cross Society and others.

The Matsuzakaya Ueno store conducts support activities for the Tohoku area in early spring every year since the Great East Japan Earthquake. In April 2017, the store held support events for the Tohoku area, including sale of local products, workshops and street rugby, during the store’s Tohoku local products fair.

In addition, a donation box was placed at the information desk on the 1st floor of the main building during the fair in support of the Japanese Red Cross Society’s “We Will Never Forget” campaign.

In order to support the areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes in April 2016, each store collected money from shoppers and employees, donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of charity products, and sold products made in Kumamoto.

The Matsuzakaya Nagoya store provided space for a limited time sale held by the disaster area support project “Yarubai Kyushu!” by the students of Kyushu University and Aichi Toho University.

Sale of Thanks Festival charity pins

At spring and fall “Thanks Festivals” held in March and September, respectively, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores sells charity pins and donates a portion of their proceeds to support disaster areas.


We donated ¥122,560 in spring 2016 (local Sakura Panda charity pins) to (i) Higashi Nihon Daishinsai Miyagi Kodomo Ikuei Bokin in Miyagi, (ii) Iwate no Manabi Kibo Bokin in Iwate and (iii) Higashi Nihon Daishinsai Fukushima Kodomo Kifukin in Fukushima to help restore the Tohoku area and ¥130,050 in fall 2016 (“Ganbare Kumamoto! charity pins”) as “Kumamoto Earthquake Donations (hometown contribution program).”

Major Fundraising Activities and Charitable Support in FY2016 (Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores)

Name of fundraising/recipient Description Amount donated
(Unit: ¥1,000)
Kumamoto Earthquake Donations Cooperated in the Japanese Red Cross Society’s events and activities, donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the charity straps of the Japan Department Stores Association, etc. 1,317
Scholarship funds to support children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake*1 Donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the charity pins at “Thanks Festivals,” cooperated in the Japanese Red Cross Society’s events and activities, etc. 242
Authorized NPO Orange Clover Donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of original eco bags, etc. to support cervical cancer prevention awareness activities付 588
Local Pink Ribbon support groups Donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of original pins and heart bread, etc. to support bread cancer prevention awareness activities 788
Authorized NPO Table for Two International*2 Donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of healthy meals, etc. to help provide school meals in developing countries 1,424
  • *1 Total amount donated to the scholarship funds for children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima
  • *2 Total amount of donations collected at restaurants, cafes and staff cafeterias in the Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores