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Company Information

Q.When was J. Front Retailing established?

A.In September 2007, The Daimaru, Inc. and Matsuzakaya Holdings Co., Ltd. managed integration and established J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd.
The Daimaru, Inc. was founded in 1717. Shimomura Hikoemon opened a kimono fabric store Daimonjiya in Fushimi, Kyoto. In 1920, Kabushiki Kaisha Daimaru Gofukuten was established. In 1928, the company name was changed to Kabushiki Kaisha Daimaru (The Daimaru, Inc.).
Matsuzakaya Co., Ltd. was founded in 1611. In 1910, Kabushiki Kaisha Ito Gofukuten was established, and in 1925, the company name was changed to Kabushiki Kaisha Matsuzakaya (Matsuzakaya Co., Ltd.)
Please see”History of Daimaru” and ”History of Matsuzakaya”on this site for details.

Q.When was J. Front Retailing listed?

A.On September 3, 2007, J. Front Retailing was listed on the first sections of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya stock exchanges.

Q.What is the origin of the company name J. Front Retailing?

A.We aim to establish a status as a leading Japanese retail company both in terms of quality and quantity. We named our company J. Front Retailing with our strong determination and wish to lead retailing in Japan from the front. The names of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya, which are associated with department stores, were not used intentionally. J. Front Retailing mainly operates department stores but aims to grow and develop as a multi-channel retailer that operates multiple businesses.

Q.What is the corporate philosophy of J. Front Retailing?

A.The philosophy system of J. Front Retailing Group consists of “basic mission statement,” “business operation policy,” “commitments to stakeholders” and “our principles of action.”
Please see ”Group Mission Statement” on this site for details.

Q.Please outline your business.

A.J. Front Retailing is a retail group that mainly operates department store business. The Group operates 19 department stores in Sapporo, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakata and other major cities in Japan and their sales account for approximately 66% of the Group’s total sales. In addition to department store business, the Group operates Parco business, wholesale business, credit business, design and construction business and other businesses.
The Group unites efforts to establish a status as a leading Japanese retail company both in terms of quality and quantity with the department store business as its core.
Please refer to ”Line of Business” on this site for details.


Q.What is your management policy?

A.Under a holding company structure, J. Front Retailing Group will make its existing businesses including department store business and Parco business more competitive and profitable by optimizing and making an effective use of management resources including the store networks and customer bases of Daimaru, Matsuzakaya and Parco as well as responding appropriately to changing times and through maximum customer satisfaction and thoroughly efficient management. In addition, we will develop as a multi-retailer, which consists of highly competitive and profitable businesses in a balanced manner, by allocating resources to areas with higher potential in an effort to achieve our vision of establishing the status of leading retail company in Japan both in quality and quantity.

Q.What are your target performance indicators?

A.The Group’s important tasks include the enhancement of competitiveness and growth potential by strengthening its ability to respond to market changes and the improvement of management efficiency including the effective use of assets. We place consolidated operating profit, consolidated ROA (return on assets) and consolidated ROE (return on equity) as our key performance indicators and commit ourselves to raising them.
Please see ”Major Performance Indicators” on this site for changes in major performance indicators.

Q.What is the “new department store model”?

A.The new department store model is a department store renewal program to create attractive and profitable stores that entice customers to visit. Specifically, we are working on (1) expanding target customer base, (2) widening the product range, and in particular, the price range, (3) developing specialty zones, and (4) increasing management efficiency, as well as maintaining and strengthening the middle to high-end product offerings in which department stores have traditionally been strong, while clarifying and thoroughly implementing store strategy in each store, in a bid to adapt to major market changes including the consumer shift to more casual lifestyles and more frugal and price-sensitive behavior.
Please see ”Management Reforms of Department Stores” on this site for details.

Q.What is your corporate governance system?

A.As the core of the unified governance of the Group, J. Front Retailing places the strengthening of corporate governance at the top of its agenda to ensure the transparency, soundness and compliance of the management of the whole Group and thoroughly fulfill its accountability to its stakeholders (including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and communities).
The Company has four supervisory units (Management Strategy Unit, Affiliated Business Unit, Financial Strategy Unit and Administration Unit) in the company organization to clarify roles, responsibilities and authorities, thereby improving supervisory function and the internal control systems of the whole Group. In addition, an executive officer system is in place to separate between decision-making and execution of the management, which enables more speedy decision-making and implementation.
The term for Directors and Exective Officers is one year and they are remunerated based on their individual annual performance to clarify their responsibilities for the enhancement of management and business results.
Please see ”Corporate Governance” on this site for details.

Financial Results and Other Financial Information

Q.Where can I see your latest financial results information?

A.Please see ”IR Library” on this site.

Q.When does your fiscal year end?

A.Our fiscal year ends on the last day of February.

Q.When do you announce your financial results?

A.Please see ”IR Calendar” on this site, where you can find the schedule.

Q.Can I see your financial results presentations?

A.Soon after each financial results presentation, video and slides of presentation by the management will be posted. (A banner will be placed on the front page.)

Q.Where can I see changes in your past performance?

A. Please see ”Financial Information” on this site.
Data can be downloaded in Excel format.

Q.Where can I see changes in your performance indicators including ROE, EPS and equity ratio?

A.Please see ”Major Performance Indicators” on this site.
Data can be downloaded in Excel format.

Q.I would like to know your monthly sales trends.

A.At the beginning of each month, department store sales flash for the preceding month is released, and in the middle of each month, the definite figures of our consolidated performance including other business segments are released.
Please see ”Monthly Report” on this site.

Q.What are your bond ratings?

A. Please see ”Bond Information” on this site for our bond ratings.


Q.What is J. Front Retailing’s stock code?

A.J. Front Retailing’s stock code is 3086.

Q.What is the minimum trading unit for your shares?

A.100 shares.

Q.When is your general shareholders meeting?

A.The annual general meeting of shareholders is held in May each year.
Please see ”IR Calendar” on this site for details.

Q.When is the record date for dividends?

A.J. Front Retailing pays year-end dividends on the last day of February each year and interim dividends on the last day of August. In addition, dividends are paid on the record dates determined by the board of directors.

Q.What is your policy on dividends and profit distribution?

A.The basic policy of J. Front Retailing is to appropriately return profits to shareholders targeting a consolidated dividend payout ratio of not less than 30% in consideration of profit level, future capital investment and cash flow trends while striving to maintain and improve a sound financial condition. J. Front Retailing will also consider purchasing treasury stock as appropriate in order to improve its capital efficiency and implement its capital policy flexibly.
With the aim of improving corporate value, J. Front Retailing will use its internal reserves for investments in store renovations and business expansion to strengthen sales capabilities and for increase in financial strength.
Please see ”Changes in Dividends” on this site for changes in dividends.

Q.What is the total number of shares issued?

A.Please see ”General Share Information” on this site.

Q.What is your shareholder composition?

A.Please see ”Shareholder Composition” on this site.

Q.What is your current share price?

A.Please refer to ”Share Price Information” on this site.