Top Commitment

Last updated on November 6, 2017

In recent years, various social problems including environmental destruction such as global warming and biodiversity crisis and frequent natural disasters, poverty and cyber terrorism have worsened around the world. As the networks of logistics and information develop, the impact of the activities of individual organizations is becoming stronger and spreads more widely. Therefore, all organizations in the world, which comprise society, are expected to take socially responsible actions. Particularly, companies are required to promote compliance management based on social norms and address CSR (corporate social responsibility) management that considers human rights, labor practices, the environment, fair operating practices and social contribution activities as major CSR subjects as well as to meet their economic and legal responsibilities.

Daimaru and Matsuzakaya, which are the predecessors of J. Front Retailing, had mission statements: “Service before profit” (Daimaru) and “Abjure all evil and pursue all good.” and “In doing good to others, we do good to ourselves.” (Matsuzakaya) These statements mean that society and customer first thoughts and actions will yield profits and that we need to adapt to changes in customers and the times for this purpose. We believe that the two companies founded in the Edo period can still survive because they have thoroughly pursued their mission statements and contributed to society through business.

J. Front Retailing Group will continue to implement the J. Front Retailing Group Mission Statement based on the mission statements of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya and promote CSR activities through business activities in order to achieve sustainable growth.
To this end, we will build relationships of trust with stakeholders including customers, shareholders, investors, business partners, employees and communities and strive to grow as a company that is fair, reliable and indispensable to society.

Director, President and Representative Executive Officer
J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd.